While Loop in MATLAB | A Complete Solution for The Beginners

Matlab is one of the scientific programming languages that is used for various academic and research purposes. There are several industries that are using this language, but research organizations and universities are the main clients for this programming tool. This language is developed by Mathworks. To use this programming language, one has to purchase its license, but for the beginners as well as for the students, it comes with a trial version for the limited period. Here we are going to share with you the while loop in MATLAB.

Matlab has renowned in various universities and colleges because it is used for scientific computations like signal processing, advanced mathematics, control system, and much more. Nowadays, students have various choices with open-source software like Python and R, but still, Matlab has its value and purpose for the scientific computations. 

In this blog, we offer basic information about the while loop in Matlab. You might be familiar with the different programming languages in which they have different control statements like while loop, if loop, for loop, and much more. If you are not familiar with the while loop in Matlab, then this article will help you out to understand the basic syntax of a while loop. So let’s check out all the details for the same.

Syntax of while loop in Matlab

Here, we have mentioned the syntax of the while loop with the appropriate steps method. 


While expression



Explanation of the syntax:

  • The keyword for while loop is ‘While’.
  • To work with the while loop, the expression should be true.
  • The statement is the action that can be executed if the expression is true.
  • The end is the closed-loop of the statement. 


a= 20;

% while loop execution 

while( a <30)

fprintf (‘value of a: %d\n’, a);

a= a+2;


Explanation of the examples:-

  • We defined a single variable that is equal to 20.
  • A % line is the command line in Matlab; therefore, we can ignore this statement.
  • While loop has the initial value that is less than 30, which means that the while loop will execute the value until less than 30. 
  • The next statement will print the value of a. The statement a = a+2 will add 2 to the initial value of a. And it will execute the values till 30.

Flow diagram of the while loop statement:-

To provide a clear overview, let’s discuss the flow diagram of the above example.

The above-mentioned flow diagram is self-explanatory and quite simple to understand. It is similar to the steps that are described in the syntax column. Whenever a boolean expression is true, the statement will be executed; otherwise, it will return a null value.

How while loop is used in Matlab

We have already explained the working of the while loop through the flow diagram and syntax explanation. Now, we will discuss the overall working of the while loop in Matlab.

A while loop has various parts that require to understand:

  1. There must be some boolean expression that has to be executed by the loop.
  2. The boolean expression should have some action, that may be true or false.
  3. The loop control will move as per the nature of the expression, that is, either it will execute, or it will stop working.

The while loop can execute several numbers of executions, and it can also go far beyond unless it does not stop manually.

Some examples of the while loop with output


b = 20;

% while loop execution 

while( b < 30 )

fprintf(‘value of a: %d\n’, a);

b = b + 1;


Output: –

Value of b: 20

Value of b: 21

Value of b: 22

Value of b: 23

Value of b: 24

Value of b: 25

Value of b: 26

Value of b: 27

Value of b: 28

Value of b: 29


i = 2;

while (i < 5)


i = i + 1;


Output : –

i = 3

i = 4


We hope that this blog will help you out to understand the use of while loop in Matlab with the examples and explanation. We advise you to execute the above-mentioned programs and check the output of the following. By which you can easily understand the working by using while loop in Matlab. The coding of the programming language depends on the practice, so the more you practice, the more you can understand these languages. 

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