Python vs MATLAB: Which One is Better For Future

We all know that Python is getting popular in almost every field of science and technology. It is competing with most of the dominant programming languages like Java, Kotlin, C++, and many more. Python is also getting popular in the field of Big Data. But most of us still don’t know that Python is doing a neck to neck competition with MATLAB. Yes, Python vs MATLAB is becoming one of the significant search terms over search engines. Because the students want to know which one is better and why? Let’s start with the essential introduction to Python and MATLAB. 


Python is one of the robust programming languages in the world. Guido Van Rossum developed it in 1991, but it got famous after the development of future technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Big Data.

Python is the most popular 4th gen high-level programming language. It is interpreted as well as an interactive programming language. Apart from that, it is also an object-oriented programming language like Java, Ruby, and PERL.

It also offers dynamic typing and provides automatic memory management. Python is quite easy to use and implement, which makes it one of the most adorable languages among the programmers. Python coding is just like plain English, and you need not learn the complex syntax if you want to code in Python.

It is an open-source programming language; thus, you can use it for free. You can also run it on any operating system. It comes with a large number of libraries, lists, and dictionaries, which is quite helpful for the programmers.

It also offers you to work with different modules. Most of the companies are using Python for various purposes, such as rapid prototyping, Web scripting, XML processing, GUI applications, etc. because of its high performance. Python is a widely used language. Python reduces development time and cost. In this way, it provides improved programming maintenance.  

Features of Python 

  • Python is a very simple language to learn when compared to other programming languages.
  • It is very easy to learn, and its syntax is extremely simple.
  • It supports object-oriented programming and concepts such as classes, object encapsulation, and so on.
  • Python is a language that can be extended. We can convert some Python code to C or C++.
  • Python is also a portable programming language.


Matlab is the abbreviation of Matrix Laboratory. As the name suggests, it is developed to solve math problems such as Linear Algebra. The first release of MATLAB was in the year 1970s. MATLAB is not a language itself, and it is a programming interface. But most of the programmers considered it as a programming language.

Likewise, Python is also a high-level programming language and high-level scripting language. Most of the companies are using it for technical computing. MATLAB provides an excellent environment for programming, computation, and visualization. If you do have excellent command over mathematics, then you can use MATLAB effectively to solve the problems.

Because most of the difficulties in MATLAB are expressed in mathematical notations. MATLAB is known for its toolboxes. It is quite easy to use MATLAB all because of its great toolbox. You can perform a variety of tasks using its toolboxes such as control design, Image processing, Digital signal processing, and many more. MATLAB is not limited to a few functionalities.

You can expand its functionality with the help of additional toolboxes. Some of the functions provided by the toolboxes are statistical manipulation of data, data analysis, etc. In MATLAB, you can’t work with the code itself like other programming languages. Whenever you send a command to MATLAB, then the data is read, and the command is executed. You can’t control the syntax of the Matlab programming. That is the reason MATLAB is less layperson-friendly.

Features of MATLAB

  • Object-oriented programming is supported by MATLAB.
  • MATLAB includes graphics to improve the user experience.
  • It includes a large built-in library of functions for the mathematical analysis of any data.
  • It provides an interactive environment by providing a graphical user interface (Graphical user interface).
  • In languages such as PERL and JAVA, we can create a set of codes (libraries).

Python vs MATLAB: Key Differences


Python offers high-performance. It is quite easy to use Python for linear algebra, graphics, and statistics. Python offers optimized library calls, which makes its performance slightly better than MATLAB. On the other hand, if you want to improve the MATLAB performance, then you need to install, compile, and validate developer-oriented add-ons in MATLAB.


This is one of the major difference between python vsw matlab.

Python offers extensive support libraries to the programmers. It is an open-source programming language; thus, you can also found the online community where you can share your problems with other python developers.

On the other hand, MATLAB is a paid software. Here you can find the forum and after sale support from the MATLAB customer support.


When we talk about the speed, then Python speed is quite slower than MATLAB. Python is not designed to provide faster speed.

On the other hand, MATLAB is specially designed to provide a faster speed as compared with Python and its competitors.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is another difference between python vs matlab.

If we compare Python vs MATLAB machine learning ability, then Python gets the slight edge over MATLAB. It offers a variety of libraries and packages that are compatible with machine learning.

On the other hand, MATLAB has limited features for machine learning.

Learning Curve

As a fresher in the programming industry, it is quite easy to start with Python. Python is one of the simplest programming languages in the world. But when we get to the peak of Python programming, we might face some difficulty with Python. But at the initial stage, it is quite easy to learn Python.

On the other hand, MATLAB requires some training before using it. But after getting the training, you can use it without any hassle. 


Python is widely used to develop server-side web applications. It is also used in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Apart from that, it is also becoming one of the crucial parts of Big Data technologies.

MATLAB is widely used to solve technical computing problems, mainly mathematical problems. It is widely used for mathematics, engineering, and science courses. Apart from the industries using it for high-productivity research, analysis, and development of the software.


This is the last difference in python vs matlab.

Python is free to use for the programmers. You can use it for free without paying a single penny. All you need to do is download the Python and use it on your system.

On the other hand, MATLAB is one of the most expensive software in the world. You have to pay a huge amount of money to use it on your system. 

Comparison Table Between Python vs MATLAB

DefinitionData types and numerical arrays (A general-purpose and high-level programming language)Math and matrix-oriented programming languages (MATLAB is the high-performance language for technical computing)
BenefitsIt support libraries are extensive. It is Open source and community development.Matlab enables you to evaluate algorithms without having to compile them first.
LibraryIt includes a large standard library.The standard library lacks generic programming functionality.
PerformanceGraphics, statistics, and Linear algebra with high performance. Library calls have been optimized.Compiling, Installing, validating, and implementing developer-oriented add-ons is required for improved performance.
AcademicsIt was created in 1991 by the Python software foundation.Matlab’s basic version has been available since the 1970s.

Python vs Matlab Speed

Python’s speed can be measured by the time it takes for a program to run and for results to be displayed on the screen. Python is a high-level programming language, so programs are relatively easy to read and understand. 

Matlab, on the other hand, is a low-level programming language. Its primary benefit is that programs are small and efficient, meaning there is less code for the computer to interpret. This is one of the reasons why Matlab is used for data analysis and scientific functions. 

However, Python has a slow run-time, and it can take a long time for things to load and for the program to actually function. Matlab is, in comparison, a faster programming language.

Python vs Matlab for Data Analysis

A data scientist is not an island. It is of paramount importance that they are well-versed in the various programming languages used in the data analysis field. 

Two of the most popular programming languages used in data analysis are Python and Matlab

You should use Python for data analysis. You can use Python to do anything from modeling mathematical algorithms to manipulating data to create beautiful visualizations. 

You can also use Python to help build anything from websites to games to complex scientific applications like the ones in healthcare, education, and research. This is why Python is an excellent staple for any programmer to have in their toolbelt!

Python vs Matlab Which is Better

Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language that is one of the most popular languages to use in data science. 

Matlab is a well-known language in the scientific community used for numerical computing and visualization.

Python is better than Matlab because it is more user-friendly and easier to understand. It also has a better library than that Matlab. It has built-in data structures, which help a lot to organize and manipulate data. Matlab has to be installed and is comparatively expensive. Python is free and has a rich library.


Now we have seen the in depth comparison between Python vs MATLAB. Both Python and MATLAB have some advantages and disadvantages. But both of these languages are having great uses in the current industries. If you want to make a career in machine learning and artificial intelligence, then you should use Python.

On the other hand, if you are going to make a career in image processing and technical computing, then you should go with MATLAB. Now it’s up to use the pick the best one between Python vs MATLAB.

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FAQs (Python vs Matlab)

Q1. Is Python harder than MATLAB?

The OOP in MATLAB is more complex and advanced, which can be perplexing to some. Having said that, MATLAB is a more advanced language, whereas Python is more of a beginner’s language. As a result, while MATLAB may appear to be more complex and confusing at first, it will become easier to grasp with practice.

Q2. Do engineers use MATLAB or Python?

Abstract. Python and Matlab are both data analysis and rendering tools that can be used in both science and engineering. Both are widely used but differ in some fundamental ways.

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