MATLAB vs Mathematica: Which One is Better for Future?

Several students are not able to understand the difference between Matlab vs Mathematica as they always want to know which language can be a better option for their future career. Therefore, this blog will provide the deliberated details on these two coding languages that will clear all the doubts related to these languages. 

What is Matlab?

This programming language is designed for scientists, engineers, and the students who are accessing the coding platforms. This language has similar features as other languages such as C, Java, C#, and other languages, but it can comply faster and because of its easy to learn feature it can be learned by any of the people without doing an in-depth study. The full form of Matlab is Matrix Laboratory, but initially, it is known as a matrix programming language. This allows the natural mathematical computations to perform. 

The features of Matlab create modals, create analyses data and applications, and algorithm developments. The reason for using this language is that it allows the math functions to work quickly and efficiently. This programming language is used for app development.  

What is Mathematica?

This is another application that is used for numeric computations, and this is also called a paragon for use in engineering, physics, finance, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and a wide range of other fields. This programming language gives a new method to communicate with the data world. Mathematica is used by the students of top universities and colleges in the world. 

Details on Matlab vs Mathematica

The basic differences between Matlab vs Mathematica can be illustrated in the table that is mentioned below:

Parameters Matlab Mathematica 
Definition It is a Matrix Laboratory that is used for computations of mathematical functions and technical measurements. It is a new way to compute the complex problems of engineering, physics, finance, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and a wide range of other fields. 
Programming asIt is programmed as C,  C++, and Java languages.It is programmed as OpenCL, CUDA, C++, and other platforms.
InterfacingProgrammers always get good interfacing in Matlab.Mathematica provides customization and spontaneous visuals for introductions, information on downloading data, and more analytical time.
Loading empty filesIt allows the loading of an empty file.It is an open-code that is accessible to prepared to-utilize models.
Requirement of RAM It requires a good specification of RAM.It requires more RAM to compute the numerical data.
CostIts cost is lesser than the Mathematica.It is of high cost as compared to others.
PrecisionIt has finite precisions.It has infinite precisions.


MATLAB is one of the great tools for academic projects. But nowadays it is used outside academics. It is used in the field of engineering like mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and so on. Apart from that, it is also helpful in prototyping. Besides, the MATLAB code is also useful in real-life applications such as web applications. Another best part of MATLAB is its integration with other programming languages such as C, C++, and Java. It means that you can run these programming languages code in MATLAB. MATLAB is also useful in medical image enhancement and signal processing.

On the other hand, Mathematica is quite useful in solving symbolic calculus problems. Some of the problems solved with the help of Mathematica are derivatives, integrals, simplifying expressions, and collecting similar terms. Mathematica is only great for solving calculus problems. You should not try it to solve numerical problems. 


MATLAB is offering excellent support to the users. As we know that it is one of the paid software that offers great after-sale service to the users. If you purchase the highest version of MATLAB, then you will find the add-ons for free with every new release of the software. But if you purchased the students or individual license version of MATLAB. Then you will not get the add-ons. Apart from that, you may also find the bugs in the features of MATLAB. But if we talk about the overall support, then MATLAB is offering excellent support to its users. You will also find the community of MATLAB that will help you a lot. 

On the other hand, Mathematica is not offering great support like MATLAB. There is also a community for MATLAB users. But the community is not as excellent as it should be. In the community, you may not find genuine users to solve your problems. 


MatLab is one of the most expensive software as compared with its competitors. Therefore the organizations are looking for the cheaper alternative to MATLAB i.e., Python. MATLAB is not designed for a large number of iterations. Thus there is always some chance that MATLAB will crash to run a large number of iterations. MATLAB offers that a limited number of hardware options to the users to connect with the data acquisition toolbox. There are various licenses available for MATLAB. And all are very expensive. 

On the other hand, Wolfram Mathematica is much better than MATLAB in terms of cost. It offers a lot of functionality than MATLAB at a cheaper cost. Some of its features are quite powerful than MATLAB. It offers good analysis and quick result charts.


MATLAB offers great libraries to users. These libraries are useful for learning MATLAB in less time. MATLAB is a GUI based software that is quite user-friendly. It is also easy to debug code in MATLAB. MATLAB is also helpful to visualize the flow of control of the code. 

On the other hand, Mathematica allows integration with analytic analysis of algebraic expressions. You can also do the numerical implementation. Apart from that, Mathematica also offers various programming paradigms. It means that you can pick either one as per your problems. Some of the common programming paradigms supported by Mathematica are object-oriented programming language, list processing, and procedural programming.


MATLAB is known for its toolbox. It means that whenever you want to perform any task in MATLAB, all you need to do is use the toolbox of MATLAB. Every single function in MATLAB is performed with the help of the toolbox. 

On the other hand, Mathematica is also offering extensive and rich tools for graphical rendering. You can use these tools for 2D and 3D renderings of the final output. Apart from that, you can also use it to do quick-and-dirty 2D and 3D rendering of intermediate results. 

Ease of learning

MATLAB is quite easy to learn as compared with Mathematica. As we have mentioned earlier that MATLAB is offering great support to the users. If you want to learn MATLAB. Then you can explore the documentation, functions, examples, blocks, videos, answer, and bug report all in their official site. Apart from that, you will also get the installation help and tutorial on their site. 

Mathematica is quite complex to learn as compared with MATLAB. It is also not offering great support to the users to learn it. But their official site is offering some of the resources where you can learn Mathematica. You will also find the documentation and quick answer on their official site. 


At last, I can say that there is not any confirmed winner of this battle between MATLAB vs Mathematica. Both of these software are good in their domain. But if you want to save your money with limited features then you can pick Mathematica. Otherwise MATLAB is the best option.

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