Matlab vs Scilab: Which One is Best For Future

The statistics students are still confuse to choose the best one between MATLAB vs Scilab. Here in this blog, you will come to know which one is best for the future. Before we get into the detailed comparison let have a look on the overview of MATLAB and Scilab.

The full form of Matlab is Matrix Laboratory, which is a high-level coding language. It is used for an interactive environment that can perform various computations of several fields, like science, mathematics, and engineering streams. The outcomes of this software can be easily visualized and created as a report for future data analysis.

The team of professionals creates the toolboxes and launches them after rigorous testing. It requires prior knowledge of C, Java, C++, and other programming languages; all these are useful to understand the functionality of Matlab. There are several built-in libraries and math functions that are used to analyze the information, then create the plots and perform complicated differentiations and integrations.

There are several uses of Matlab, which are

  • It is used to plot 2D & 3D objects.
  • Matlab is used to analyze the data.
  • It can process the video and image of the information.
  • They deal with matrix and array problems.
  • It can solve complicated equations of algebra.
  • Matlab can process and communicate the signals.
  • It can test different measuring devices.

Whereas, Scilab is a Scientific Laboratory which is open-source software that has similar methods of implementations as that of Matlab. The approximation technique of this software is called Scientific Computing, which is used to resolve the problems related to numeric data. This can be achieved by using the algorithms and solvers of Scilab that build the algebraic libraries. Scilab is a major alternative for Matlab that have library files based on:

  • Develop the complicated algorithms.
  • Analysis of the data.
  • Models of the previous computations.

Mathematical computations are based on:

  • Fourier transformations.
  • Regression and Progression.
  • Integral and differential analysis.
  • Unique differential equations.

The visualization of the data can be used by anyone of the following:

  • Bar graphs and lines.
  • MathML annotations.
  • Pie charts.
  • Histograms.

Now, let’s check the details on Matlab vs Scilab and which software is better to use.

Difference between Matlab vs Scilab

The table mentioned below will help you to know head to head comparison between both Matlab vs Scilab by which you can easily use any one of them or both of them. Let’s check the difference between both software.

Parameter Matlab Scilab 
DefinitionIt is a high-level program that is used to perform several computations. Matlab stands for Matlab Laboratory.It is open-source software that is used to perform scientific computations. Scilab stands for Scientific Laboratory.
Structure of script fileIt uses the word ‘filename.m’ file to define the structure of the script file in Matlab.The structure of the script file can be defined by the word ‘filename.sci’ file.
Execution of script filesIt uses just the name of the file. It uses exec(“filename”) to execute the script files.
Command-lineThe command line begins with ‘%’.It uses ‘//’ to command a line.
VariableA new variable can be entered using the variable name, which is followed by ‘=’ sign, such as A =[1 2 3].The predefined variable can be done by % in a prefix of the variable, like %i, %inf.
StringsTo create a string in Matlab, one needs to use double quotes, like str = “friend”.It can use a single as well as double quotes to define a string in Scilab, such as str = ‘blue’ or str = “green”.
Boolean variableIt is defined as x = [0, 1] and it will show an error to the value x = [0,0].It can be defined using the syntax %T, %T, such as x = [0,0].
PolynomialThe polynomial in Matlab requires to define the coefficient of the vectors such as [1 -4 4], which is x2 – 4x + 4.In Scilab, the polynomial can be defined with the help of poly (), which is a built-in variable of Scilab.
Empty matrixThe empty matrix is defined as [ ] in Matlab.To define the empty matrix of Scilab, one needs to write [ ] +1, and it will return the value 1.
Different built in functionsMatlab has some of the different built-in functions such as balance, exist, and much more.Scilab uses built-in functions like balanc, exists + type, and much more.

Which is better Matlab vs Scilab

When the time comes to select between both software that is Matlab vs Scilab, the cost of the Matlab can be a major concern while making a decision between both and do not forget to add the hidden charges of both the software. When one wants to consider the time-saving software that can easily save your time by computing the complex problems of algebra and scientific problems, these two software can be trustworthy to use. The one that you have to take into consideration about former investments: the IT migrations of the complex programs need to certify from Matlab to Scilab, and it can cost you a lot and sometimes leads to impossible too.

There is no doubt that Scilab can be a good option for the broad-based ones or for the low complexity level applications as it can provide decent solutions to you. Scilab also spreads in an entire organization that can be done at zero cost, and it can offer common set tools to each and every one.

There are several industrialists who want to use both Matlab and Scilab software, where Matlab is used for solving the more challenging programs, and Scilab is used to solve the low-level scientific computations which are linked with the onboard computations.

Therefore, we can say that both software has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as Matlab can be used for high-level computation, but it costs high as compared to Scilab. That is why one can select any of them (Matlab vs Scilab) and use them as per their requirements. 


Matrix Laboratory or Matlab is used for high-level computations, and it is closed-source software, whereas Scientific Laboratory or Scilab is open-source software that is used to solve the low-level scientific computations. This blog has provided a head to head comparison of Matlab vs Scilab that helps you to analyze the difference between both in order to make a correct decision for which one can be best for you and your work. 

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