What is Matlab | Why and Where uses of Matlab Programming

Matlab is one of the renowned languages which is similar to other programming languages like C++, C, Java, and much more that is available with its own Integrated Development Environment along with the set of libraries. The full form of the Matlab is Matrix Laboratory, but in the initial stage, it is called the Matrix programming language. It was developed by Cleve Moler, who was the Chairman at the University of New Mexico in the computer science department. This language is a fourth-generation language. 

The main goal of Cleve Moler was to develop an alternative method to perform numerical computations and linear algebra for the students without using the Fortran software. In 1984, Steve Bangart and Jack Little came with the Cleve Molar and developed a software called Mathworks, and its official version came in the market in 1984.

In other words, Matlab is the advanced version of the calculator that might be run on the mobile and computers. This can be operated by the use of the command-line interfacing and by a text editor. Matlab uses for writing the functions and programs that accomplish several continual works.  

How does Matlab work

Matlab makes the coding so easy that anyone can compile it. This can comply with the use of the Just-In-Time compiler. With the use of Matlab, anyone can execute the algorithms parallel so that the execution can be done faster. The execution of Matlab’s algorithms is much faster and stronger than the Java programming language. It also grants you to load the information from the other sources and visualize this information to you. This also allows the programmer to design their customized applications along with the other application designs that are developed by the other Matlab programmer.

Advantages of Matlab

  • It offers the quickest IDE for linear algebra and the computation of matrices. 
  • MATLAB offers garbage collection and multi-threading support so that the execution of the algorithms can be facilitated. 
  • It has the best maths package library to support all the areas of mathematics and much more.
  • The graphic system involves several commands for three-dimension and two-dimension image processing, data visualization, graphics presentation, and the high animations offering a high-quality illustration of the charts and plots.

What are the uses of MATLAB

The Matlab scripting language is applied to the applications of Matlab, and it uses revolve around the following maths concepts, such as:

  • Vectors and Matrices.
  • Functions.
  • Classes and OOP (Object-Oriented Programmes). 
  • Variables.
  • Structures.
  • Function handles.

Matlab has a numeric computing surrounding, and it is structured for the following uses:

Control system

Matlab offers control to the various systems and devices where the control system is accountable for giving the commands, managing, and regulating the nature of the other system or devices. It relies on the control loops. The systems or the devices that are controlled are ranged from the home heaters to the machine that is implemented in the large industries. The toolbox of Matlab’s control system offers apps and algorithms for designing the linear systems and systematically analyzing. 

Wireless communication

It is the most common term which is used to connect two devices with wireless signals. The Matlab is used in the field of wireless Engineering that is used for reducing the development time, streamline verifications and testing, eliminate design problems.

Internet of Things

It is the network of vehicles, devices, home appliances, and other electronic embedded devices that can enable the devices to exchange the information. Matlab’s use helps in structuring, developing applications such as operations optimization, predictive maintenance, supervisory control, and much more.


This is the combined engineering study of the electronics and mechanical. This system needs integrating electrical, mechanical, control, and other embedded software. In this field, Matlab grants you to structure and simulate the whole subjects in a single surrounding.

Computational finance and computational biology

Computational biology is the class of biological analysis data for the understanding of the biological relationship and system. Whereas the computational finance is the study of financial information and modeling. In both of the studies, Matlab is used for solving the differential equations of biological behaviors. Whereas in computational finance, Matlab enables the user to generate quantitative applications such as investment management, risk management, and insurance.

Embedded systems

It is a computer system that consists of hardware as well as software components that can do some particular tasks. The few examples of the embedded systems are a printer, washing machine, automobiles, industrial machines, and much more. There is a push button that grants the user to develop the codes and run that code on the hardware.

Digital Signal Processing

It is used for digital processing like a specialized signal processor execute several signal processing operations. Moreover, With the use of the Matlab, it is quite easy for this technique to determine the time series data and offers a specialized workflow for the evolution of streaming applications and embedded systems.

Image processing

This is mainly concentrated on the processing of an image and make them ready for another task like computer vision and much more. It includes the understanding of the visual outputs. The algorithms play an important role in image processing as well as computer visions. Matlab uses a comprehensive surrounding to generate the algorithms and to analyze the images.

Measurement and Test

It is the method in which the electronic equipment is subjected to the several tests that are starting from the physical tests that are used to identify the physical defects. Matlab avails the various tools that are required for acquiring and automating the tasks. When you acquire any of the information, then you can analyze it with the live visualizations.

Data Analytics

It is the method of processing the studied data to gain insights. It can be achieved with the help of other tools and software. Besides, IT and engineering individuals are using Matlab programming to generate big data analytics systems.


Matlab can be used for the various applications and used in various industries like:

  • Biological science.
  • Automotive.
  • Biotech and pharmaceutical.
  • Communications.
  • Energy productions, and much more.

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