Uses of Matlab | Top 12 Beneficial Uses of Matlab


Before explaining the use of Matlab, we must know about it. The full form of Matlab is a matrix laboratory, and it started as a matrix programming language. Matlab is a special language designed for engineers and scientists. This is the 4th generation programming language. It was first discovered by Cleve Moler in 1984. Matlab language is like other computer languages ​​like Java, C ++, etc. It has its IDE (integrated development environment). 

Understanding the Matlab 

In simple words, it is an advanced version of the calculator that can be used in your computer or mobile device. It is also used to write programs and functions.

How does Matlab make work easy?

Matlab helps a lot in making your code fast. With Matlab, you can make your executive faster if you keep the algorithm in parallel. If we compare with Java, the development of the algorithm is faster in Matlab. It allows you to access data and visualize it from unique resources. Access to various interactive applications is provided by IDE of the Matlab. It also allows you to visualize how different algorithms interpret your data? One can design applications according to their own, and you can also use the application designed by other Matlab users.

What can we do with the help of Matlab? 

 Using the Matlab, we can design the algorithm separately and make some implementations in it. We can load data from different sources, such as the database files and the web. By doing this, we can analyze our data and visualize it. Matlab visualization application helps a lot in it because it gives us a lot of graphs to plot. It becomes very easy to work with large data. If you look at the Matlab as a product of mathematics, then it has a lot of mathematical function libraries which allow you to perform functions like linear algebra and matrices. It also helps a lot in getting the data analysis. We can do all this with the help of Matlab, to make prototype data or to model it or to simulate it.

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Uses of Matlab 

The following are the uses of the Matlab.

  1. Wireless communications 
  2. Digital signal processing 
  3. Control systems 
  4. Test and measurements 
  5. Embedded systems 
  6. Image processing and computer vision 
  7. Robotics 
  8. Data analytics 
  9. Motor and power control
  10. Predictive maintenance 
  11. Mechatronics
  12. Working with linear algebra

Wireless communication

Wireless communication is a term used to connect any two devices with a wireless signal. Engineers in this field use the Matlab to reduce development time and to remove problems that are difficult in designing and Also to make testing and verification effective.

Digital signal processing

In digital signal processing, we do all the signal processing work with the help of a computer and some special types of digital signal processors. Using the Matlab product, you can use the signal processing technique comfortably, with which you will be able to analyze time-series data easily.

Control systems 

There is also another reason to use Matlab that you can control the system and the device with ease. Through the control system, we can give commands to other devices, manage them, and regulate their behavior. When it comes to controlling the device and the system, everything from the heater to the industrial control system can be easily controlled.

Test and measurements 

Testing and measurement is a process in which we test an electronic product to see if there is any physical defect in it.

Embedded systems 

Embedded systems are computer systems that contain computer hardware and software components. It is designed in such a way that any specific task can be easily done. Examples of embedded systems are cameras, automobiles, printers, and industrial machinery. When you press just one button, Matlab generates a code and runs it in hardware.

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Image processing and computer vision

The main work of image processing is to process the raw image and ready it for a task like a computer vision and a computer vision looks at an image just like human eyes do. They understand and predict the visual output. For computer vision and image processing, algorithmic building is very important. Uses of Matlab help us in providing a spacious environment to build algorithms and computer vision.


Robotics is the interdisciplinary subject of science and engineering. Streams like mechanical engineering, computer science, electronic engineering create humans like machines and robots. Most of the robotics researchers and engineers use the Matlab. With the help of Matlab, they design and tune the algorithm; they design the real-world model systems and auto-generated codes with the help of just one enrollment software.

Data analytics 

With data analytics, we study data so that we can get insight. All this is done with the help of software and tools. People from engineering and IT use Matlab to create huge data analytics systems.

Motor and power control 

Motor control regulates the direct speed and other execution attributes. Matlab calculations help with vitality, productivity, accuracy, control, and framework assurance. It diminishes the time and cost of calculation improvement before you focus on costly equipment testing.

Predictive maintenance 

We design predictive maintenance techniques to tell the condition of the equipment of the house So that we can find out when maintenance is needed. It provides the tools for data labeling, estimating the useful life of the machine.

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In Mechatronics technology is the combination of two engineering streams, mechanical and electronic engineering. In Mechatronics systems there is need to integrate mechanical, electrical, and embedded software subsystems.

Working with linear algebra 

Hard to believe, but linear algebra is part of the workplace. For example, if you want to calculate the return of investment, then you should know Algebra.

It is also use in the following things.

  • It is also used to calculate the turnover of one’s company
  • How many things we have to keep in the inventory.


Matlab is one of the biggest technologies in the market right now because it performs mathematical operations like matrices and linear algebra easily. For better and faster, algorithm design Matlab is the best option. In this blog, we give you information about the uses of Matlab. We hope all of you understood the uses of Matlab. If you still have any doubt regarding this topic, then you can ask from our experts.  If you want any kind of help regarding Matlab assignment then contact us.

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