Matlab Vs Mathematica: Complete Guide

Matlab and mathematica are the two of the main softwares or programming languages that come to mind when it comes to the computational tasks which are mathematical. And that’s why many people wonder which one is better, this leads to the comparison of matlab vs mathematica.Both the computing softwares are very powerful and have been helping scientists,engineers and researchers for a long time.

Choosing one out of both can be a difficult task to do because both the softwares are very efficient and accurate when it comes to mathematical computing, but we can differentiate them because they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. But first, we should know about both the softwares for a better comparison.

What is Matlab

Matlab was developed by Cleve Moler, who is a very famous mathematician, the full form of matlab is “Matrix Laboratory” is a programming language which is primarily used for data analysis, mathematical modeling, etc.

Matlab is the first choice of many engineers, analysts and researchers because it provides the best solutions for complex mathematical problems and tasks.

Features Of Matlab

Here are some of the key features of matlab programming language. That will help you to understand the comparison which is “matlab vs mathematica”.

Matrix-Based Operations

MATLAB’s most important feature is its ability to perform matrix and vector operations easily. It makes mathematical and linear algebraic calculations very easy and simple.

Extensive Library

MATLAB provides you with a large library of built-in functions and toolboxes for various domains, including signal processing, image processing, control systems, optimization, and more.

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Data Visualization

It provides robust tools for creating 2D and 3D plots and graphs, which are important for data analysis and visualization.

Algorithm Development

MATLAB allows users to develop and test algorithms very quickly, making it valuable for research and prototyping.


MATLAB has an interactive environment that supports experimentation and exploration, with a command-line interface for quick feedback.


MATLAB can interface with other programming languages like C, C++, and Python, which makes it versatile for connecting or merging with existing software systems.


MathWorks also offers Simulink, a companion product to MATLAB, which is widely used for modeling and simulating dynamic systems, such as control systems, circuits, and mechanical systems.

Parallel and GPU Computing

MATLAB supports parallel computing and GPU acceleration, allowing users to speed up computationally intensive tasks.

Application Deployment

You can use MATLAB applications as standalone executables or web apps, making it possible to share your work with others who may not have MATLAB installed.


MATLAB is commonly used in educational institutions for teaching and learning purposes due to its user-friendly interface and widespread adoption in academia.

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What is Mathematica

Mathematica is developed by Wolfram research, it is a very powerful software known for its high range of capabilities in performing complex mathematical tasks. Its comprehensive and versatile features makes it the first choice for many researchers, developers and scientists all across the world. So let’s discuss some of the key features of the mathematica programming language which will help you to make a solid base to discuss the topic “matlab vs mathematica”.

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Features of Mathematica

Here are some key features of Mathematica programming language,

Symbolic Computation

Mathematica is particularly renowned for its symbolic computation abilities. It can perform algebraic manipulations, calculus, equation solving, and symbolic mathematics, making it an invaluable tool for theoretical work.

Numerical Computation

In addition to symbolic calculations, Mathematica excels in numerical computations, offering high-precision arithmetic and extensive mathematical functions.

Data Analysis

Mathematica provides tools for importing, analyzing, and visualizing data. It supports various data formats and statistical functions.

Graphics and Visualization

Users can create sophisticated 2D and 3D graphics, plots, and animations. Mathematica’s visualization capabilities are widely used in research, education, and presentations.

Mathematical Modeling

Mathematica is a preferred choice for mathematical modeling and simulation tasks. It can model a wide range of systems and processes.

Integration with Other Languages

Mathematica can be merged with other programming languages like C, Java, and Python, allowing users to take advantage of the external libraries and tools.

Notebook Interface

Mathematica uses a notebook interface that combines code, text, and graphics into interactive documents, making it good for creating reports, research papers, and educational materials.


Mathematica is available on different platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it accessible to a large number of audiences.

Wolfram Language

Mathematica is built on the Wolfram Language, which is a high-level, multi-paradigm programming language designed for symbolic mathematics and general-purpose programming.


Users can deploy Mathematica notebooks as standalone applications, web applications, or interactive documents, making it suitable for sharing research and applications.

10 major difference for “Matlab Vs mathematica”

Here are the 10 major differences between the matlab and mathematica in context to the topic “matlab vs mathematica”.

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1.Matlab is basically a numerical computing environment focused on matrix and vector operations.Mathematica is a symbolic computing environment that focuses on symbolic mathematics and manipulation.
2. Matlab is primarily numeric and is best suited for numerical simulations, data analysis, and engineering applications.Mathematica excels in symbolic mathematics and is well-suited for symbolic computation, algebraic manipulations, and advanced mathematical modeling.
3.Matlab uses conventional programming syntax for mathematical operations and functions.Mathematica uses a natural and intuitive notation that closely resembles mathematical notation, making it user-friendly for symbolic computations.
4.Matlab has extensive numerical and engineering toolboxes for a wide range of applications.Mathematica includes a vast collection of built-in functions for mathematics, science, data analysis, and more.
5.Matlab offers robust 2D and 3D plotting capabilities for data visualization and engineering graphics.Mathematica provides versatile graphics and visualization tools with extensive customization options.
6.Matlab typically uses a command-line interface, but it also has a graphical user interface (GUI) for certain tasks.Mathematica uses a notebook interface that combines code, text, and graphics into interactive documents.
7.Matlab uses double-precision floating-point arithmetic by default for numerical calculations.Mathematica supports arbitrary-precision arithmetic, allowing for high precision in numerical calculations.
8.Matlab has its own scripting language that is optimized for numerical computations.Mathematica is built on the Wolfram Language, which is a multi-paradigm programming language suitable for symbolic, numeric, and general-purpose programming.
9.MATLAB allows you to deploy applications and functions as standalone executables, libraries, or web applications.Mathematica enables the creation of interactive documents and web-based applications.
10.MATLAB is commercial software, and users typically require licenses for its use.Mathematica is also commercial software, and licensing is required for most use cases.

Data Representation Of “Matlab Vs Mathematica”: Is Matlab Is Better Than Mathematica

We have shared a graphical representation of the data showing the user’s interest for “matlab vs mathematica”.

This data from google trends is showing the user’s interest for both matlab programming language and mathematica programming language in the United States, this data we are showing is of the last 12 months. 


Matlab vs mathematica is an interesting comparison, both of them present many similarities but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any differences, both the programming languages have their own strengths and qualities which make them unique and different from each other.

In today’s blog we have discussed some of the key factors of both matlab and mathematica and also some key differences between them to construct a debate for “matlab vs mathematica”, we have differentiated both the programming languages on the basis of different factors like their basic foundations and specialties. Hope you gain some valuable knowledge in the context of the topic “matlab vs mathematica”.

Is Matlab And Mathematica Free?

Matlab offers the free version to use but you can use it only for 20 hours a month, on the other hand Mathematica doesn’t offer any free version for users.

 Which One Is More Famous: Matlab Or Mathematica?

Both programming languages are very fast and efficient and are widely used, but according to the recent data of google trends, matlab is more famous than mathematica in the United states.

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