15 Ways For How to Make Time Go Faster at School - Tips for Bored Students

At school, time can feel like it moves strangely. It can feel very slow during boring talks or go slowly when waiting for the last bell to ring. However, there are many things you can do to help time go by faster during the school day.

Whether you are a student wanting class to end or a teacher wanting to make lessons more exciting, this guide is here to help. We have gathered 15 effective ways to make those school hours feel shorter and more fun.

These methods include simple changes in thinking and interactive learning activities to keep you interested and entertained. Using these strategies, you can change how you experience time in the classroom and make your school days more lively and energetic.

So, if you are tired of watching the clock move slowly, read on for our full guide on making time go faster at school, and learn how to use those precious moments for more enjoyable activities!

Why Does Time Feel Slow in School?

For many students and teachers, time often feels like it moves slowly at school. Even though class periods are the same length as any other day, those hours spent in classrooms can feel extremely long. But why does our sense of time differ in school settings? Understanding the reasons is key to fixing this issue and making class time faster.

1. Boredom

When lessons are not interesting or paying attention is hard, your mind can wander and focus too much on how slowly time is moving. Boring material provides little to keep your brain engaged, so you become aware of the clock slowly ticking. Your brain wants new and engaging things.

2. Routine

The fixed schedule of classes, periods, breaks, etc., becomes repetitive over time. The lack of variety makes each day blend. When every class and transition feels the same, the individual moments lose their uniqueness, causing time to feel like it's dragging.

3. Anticipation

Looking forward to events like the end of school, the weekend, a fun activity, or just the next class can make you intensely aware of every minute that has to pass before reaching that point. The more excited you are for something, the more slowly time crawls before it happens.

4. Environment

Classrooms are often designed for function over appealing visuals or sensory interests. Plain walls, dim lighting, and restrictive desks provide little for your eyes, ears or body to focus on. Unstimulating spaces allow your focus to shift to how slowly time is moving.

5. Age

Young people simply have fewer life experiences to use when judging how slowly or quickly time passes. Since childhood seems to last forever in the moment, each hour, day and week can feel endless compared to when you're older with more memories to measure time against.

The main reason is that factors in the environment and mindset that reduce engagement, stimulation and perceived importance all distort our sense of time, causing it to feel like it's barely moving in the classroom. Understanding these causes can help find solutions.

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Top 15 Ways For How To Make Time Go Faster At School

Here is the list of top 15 way for how to make time go faster at school.

1. Stay Engaged In Class Discussions And Activities

Joining in class talks and activities keeps your mind busy and focused, making time go by faster. Time tends to fly by when fully involved because you're really into what you're doing.

2. Break Up The Day Into Smaller Parts

Instead of seeing the whole school day as one long time, think about it in smaller bits. Focus on finishing one class at a time or set goals for each part. This can make the day feel less big and help time go by faster.

3. Join Extracurricular Activities

Getting involved in after-school activities gives you something to look forward to and breaks up the boring parts of the school day. Whether it's sports, clubs, or other fun stuff, these things can make your school time more fun and help time go by quickly.

4. Set Small Goals

Setting achievable goals throughout the day gives you something to aim for and feel good about. It could be finishing a homework assignment, understanding a tricky lesson, or making it through a tough class. Hitting these small targets can make the day more satisfying and help time pass faster.

5. Listen To Music Or Podcasts

Listening to music or interesting podcasts during free time can make tasks less boring and fun. Music can make you feel good and keep you motivated, while podcasts can give you cool stuff to think about, making time seem to go by faster.

6. Take Short Breaks

Taking breaks between classes or during study time can help refresh your mind and stop you from feeling tired. Use these breaks to stretch, take a short walk, or chat with friends. These little breaks can help you feel more alive and make the day more lively.

7. Hang Out With Friends.

Sitting with friends you like who make you laugh can make the school day more enjoyable. Talking, laughing, and being around people you like can help time pass quicker and make the day less boring.

8. Challenge Yourself

Taking on tough schoolwork or projects can make the day more interesting and rewarding. When dealing with tricky stuff, time can fly by as you get into learning and solving problems.

9. Make Learning Fun

Finding ways to make learning fun can make school feel less like work. Playing games, doing group activities, or trying hands-on experiments can make learning more exciting. When learning is fun, time seems to go by faster because you're having a good time and learning simultaneously.

10. Stay Organized

You can avoid wasting time and feeling bored by staying organized and managing your time well. Use planners, lists, or phone apps to track what you must do. When you know what you must do, the day can feel more purposeful and go by quicker.

11. Use Technology Wisely

Technology can help you learn and stay interested in class. Use educational apps, online resources, or interactive learning stuff to help you understand subjects better. Ensure you use tech well and don't get distracted so time doesn't drag on.

12. Ask Questions

Talking with your teachers and asking questions can help keep your mind active and make the school day fun. When you're curious and into learning, time seems to go by faster because you're really into what you're learning.

13. Imagine Your Goals

Take a moment to think about what you want to achieve in the future. Whether getting into a good college, having a cool job, or being successful, having a clear idea of what you want can help keep you motivated and focused during the school day. When you're motivated and focused, time seems to go by faster because you're working toward something important.

14. Look Forward To The Fun Stuff.

Thinking about fun things that are coming up can make the school day more exciting. Whether it's a school event, sports game, or just plans with friends, having something to look forward to can help make the day feel better and make time go by faster.

15. Think About Your Progress

Take a moment to think about how you're doing during the day. Celebrate the things you've done well, even small, and recognize your progress toward your goals. Thinking about your achievements can help boost your confidence and make the school day more rewarding. When you're focused on getting better, time tends to go by faster because you're really into it.

Some Bonus Tips For How To Make Time Go Faster At School As A Kid

Here are some bonus tips for how to make time go faster at school as a kid; let’s take a look.

Stay Engaged:

  • Participate actively in discussions and activities to keep your mind occupied.
  • When you're involved, time tends to pass more quickly.

Bring Fun to Learning:

  • Find ways to make learning enjoyable through games, group projects, or creative assignments.
  • Making schoolwork fun can make the day go by faster.

Mix Up Your Routine:

  • Change your seating arrangement, take different routes between classes, or alternate study spots.
  • Adding variety to your routine prevents boredom and makes the day more interesting.

Stay Active During Breaks:

  • Use breaks to stay active with friends or by taking walks.
  • Physical activity helps refresh your mind and makes time fly by.

Visualize Your Day:

  • Before school starts, visualize having fun, learning, and achieving your goals.
  • A positive mindset makes the day more enjoyable and helps time pass faster.

Reward Yourself:

  • Set small rewards for completing tasks throughout the day.
  • Having something to look forward to makes the day more exciting and helps time go by quicker.

Make Plans for After School:

  • Look forward to fun activities or relaxation after school.
  • Having plans for the afternoon makes the school day feel shorter.

Stay Positive:

  • Keep a positive attitude, focusing on the good things about school.
  • A positive mindset makes the day more enjoyable and helps time pass faster.

By implementing these bonus tips, you can make the school day more engaging, exciting, and ultimately, pass by faster.

Closing Up

Making time pass quickly at school can greatly improve your experience and productivity. Using the tips outlined in this guide, you can effectively manage your time, stay engaged in your studies, and make the most of each school day.

Whether setting goals, staying organized, or doing mind-stimulating activities, there are many techniques you can add to your daily routine to make hours go by faster.

Remember, time is valuable, and by maximizing it, you can boost school performance and build useful skills for the future. So, follow these tips, stay focused, and watch hours disappear, leaving more time for interest and enjoying learning.



Feeling bored at school? Discover the 15 practical strategies to make time fly by and stay engaged during long classes and study sessions. Beat boredom now.


Frequenty Asked Questions

What if the class is super boring, and no amount of engagement seems to help?

This can be tough. Talk to your teacher about ways to make the material more interesting. Use downtime to catch up on reading for another class or work on a personal project (with permission, of course!).

I can't focus during class discussions - what can I do?

There are ways to participate without feeling overwhelmed. Start by jotting down short notes or questions during the lecture. Then, during discussions, summarize what you heard from a classmate or politely add your point based on your notes.

I'm worried about getting in trouble for being ahead of the curve in class.

Most teachers appreciate proactive students. However, be mindful of the classroom environment. If the teacher is actively teaching a concept, focus on that. Use downtime to review or get a head start on upcoming work.

What if I don't have anyone to form a study group with?

Talk to your teacher about forming a study group in class. Online forums or message boards for your class can also be a great way to connect with classmates who want to study together virtually.