How to Make Time Go Faster at School: 11 Best Ways

School is where we spend most of our day. School is where we make friendships, learn new things and develop our personality. 

But it is also where we make friends, and most students will admit to having gone through some boring times at school.

How to make time go faster at school can be a really stressful question to ask. However, we all want to get out of classes and get to the good times. 

This blog is going to look at some of the best ways how to make time go faster at school. We’ll cover a topic like why do you think that time go faster at school. 

If you’re struggling to make time go faster at school, this blog is for you.

Why do you think that time go faster at school?

There are many theories behind why time goes by faster when you’re at school. 

For example, one reason is that you’re studying a subject that you’re interested in, so you’re thinking about that subject. 

Another reason could be that the teachers are generally more focused, so they move quickly through the material. 

Although you’re thinking about other things, you’re not as focused on them, so you miss them more. 

The simplest possible reason could be that the classroom has more stimuli than your home, so you’re focused on what’s going on around you.

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How can I make the school days go by faster?

It’s always fun to learn something new at school, but it’s the opposite when you have to study something you’ve already learned. This way is a roundup of 13 tips on how to make time go faster at school.

1. Stop looking at the clock

2. Read a good book

3. Enjoy Some Creative Writing

4. Do Some Activities

5. Eat snacks

6. Go To The Rest Room

7. Takes Notes Well

8. Interact With Teacher And Ask Questions

9. Complete your other subject assignment

10. Find a study buddy

11. Try To Pay Attention

Stop Looking at The Clock

Stop looking at the clock! Looking at your clock will only make the time pass slower. 

If you’re looking at the clock, you’re counting down the minutes until you’re finally free. Instead, dig into what you’re doing. 

If you’re writing an essay, look at the topic and think about some of your own opinions on the subject. If you’re learning a new skill, try to explore it in more detail. 

It’s fine to look at the clock once in a while to check how much longer you have to go, but try not to give in to the temptation to look every few minutes.

Read a Good Book

Every student knows that school takes up a lot of time and can feel like an eternity is a better alternative sometimes. 

But what is a way how to make time go faster at school? It involves reading a good book. There are many benefits to reading. 

For one, you can get a new perspective on a subject and new ways to solve the problems you face. You can get a new way of looking at something. 

It’s also a great way to release stressful thoughts and get new ones.

Enjoy Some Creative Writing

I will give you a simple solution for how to make time go faster at school. 

Get some paper and a pencil and do what you do best: write! You can write about anything, but I recommend a semi-fictional story about your life. 

It could be your life from your perspective or from another living person (or even non-living). You could also make an article about a topic that is meaningful to you, something that you want people to know about. 

The point of this is for you to be creative and have fun—if you don’t enjoy it, then there’s no point.

Do Some Activities

One of the best ways to make time go faster is to do something fun that you enjoy! 

Whether it’s reading your favorite book, allocating some time to play games online, or writing an essay for class. 

You’ll be surprised how quickly time goes by if you’re doing something you enjoy. 

If you’re struggling to find something to do, why not reach out to your friends and classmates? Not only will it pass the time, but you’ll also have time to bond with those you like!

Eat Snacks

This is the best tip on how to make time go faster at school.

There are two ways to make time go faster at school. 

The first is to take small breaks, and the second is to eat snacks. The key to time management is always to stay on top of things. 

Time is relative, and it is valuable, so it is best to use it to your advantage. 

Time management goes beyond school because it helps everything in your life run more smoothly. It takes planning, organization, and hard work, but it is worth it!

Go To The Rest Room

How to make time go faster at school? You can go to the restroom. 

When you go to the restroom, you can listen to music. Your music may be better than the teacher’s talk because you can call it music. 

If your music is hip-hop music, that is better. Hip-hop music is the best music if you want to go to the restroom.

Takes Notes Well

If you’re looking for ways how to make time go faster at school, take notes! 

Taking notes well and thoroughly isn’t hard, but it sure makes a difference at the end of the day. 

Unless you take the time to write down what your teachers and professors say, you will be at a severe disadvantage in understanding the topic, and you won’t be able to retain the information to a high degree. 

The only way to benefit from lectures is to write them down word for word and format them in a way that’s easy to understand and read!

Interact With Teacher And Ask Questions

You can use a few methods to speed up the time between classes. 

First, you can talk to your teacher about what is coming up in the class. This way, you can study for the upcoming test or read ahead for the next chapter. 

Another way to go faster is by asking the teacher questions. This shows you’re trying to learn, and the teacher will be more lenient when you mess up or ask for help. 

If you’re bored in class, you can also trade classes with a friend. This way, you have something fresh to learn, and you get to see what your friends are learning.

Complete your Other Subject Assignment

There are a lot of things to do at school, which can make your time seem to pass slower than molasses in winter. That’s why it’s helpful to do your other assignments during class. 

For example, if you have science after English, you can do your science homework while you wait to go to science. 

This will allow you to get the boring work out of the way and focus on the more interesting class. 

Alternatively, you can start work on your other assignment as soon as class begins, doing only a couple of questions before the class ends. 

This will make the time go by faster, and you’ll be able to do all your other homework in less time!

Find a Study Buddy

If you are one of the many people who are constantly looking for ways to make time go by faster than you can count to 5, study buddies are a great way how to make time go faster at school. 

You make the time go by faster because you are helping each other out. I know that when I am nervous about a test, or I am just having an off day, problems become difficult, and questions are hard to answer because I am distracted. 

I tend to put things off because I am unaware of how much time I have left to finish studying. However, with a study buddy, I don’t have that excuse. I know that my study buddy is just as nervous as I am, and we push each other, encouraging one another to try harder. 

As a result, we succeed together.

Try To Pay Attention

Class is boring. There’s no way around it. The only way to make it less boring is to pay attention to the lesson. 

You can try to get things together for a project and try to talk to your friends. 

You can even try to drift off into a daydream, but the only thing that will really work is to be present and engaged in what is being taught.

 I don’t know why this is, but it’s proven to be the one true way to make class progress faster.

These are some of the ways how to make time go faster at school.

Fun Activities to Make the Time Go Faster in School

Some of these activities that make time go by faster in school include:

  • Drawing pictures on paper and coloring them
  • Playing games with friends like “I Spy” or “Twenty Questions”
  • Making up stories and acting them out
  • Playing sports or doing an art project
  • You can sing a song. Music is a great way to make time go by.


We hope that this blog on how to make time go faster at school has helped you see that there are many ways you can make time go by faster. You can use these ways to help you manage your time better and to make the time pass more quickly.

We have created this list of time-passing tips and tricks to help you make the most of your class time. Some of these ideas are old, and some are new, but they all have one thing in common. If you try them, you can make your time go faster at school.

FAQs (How to Make Time Go Faster at School)

Q1. Why does time go by so slow in school?

Chances are you’re bored in school. You do not want to study or respond to queries. When your brain processes very little information, time slows down. It’s a very other scenarios when you’re at home.

Q2. How to make school less boring?

Here are some ways to make school less boring.

1. Get rid of the worksheets
2. Create a real sense of urgency
3. Promote active learning and teaching
4. Encourage genuine engagement
5. Link to related professional areas

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