How to Make Online Class More Interactive: 9 Tips

Are you searching for how to make online class more interactive? If yes then have a close look at the best-given information. 

From a teacher’s point of view when you are taking an online class that time you have to face so many things.

Generally, there are various types of students in every online classroom. Some students are naughty and don’t like to read and some students are polite and like to study. 

These types of students are everywhere in the classroom.

So it has become a challenge for educators to balance the various types of students, and it becomes more challenging in online classes.

There is no doubt that learning and teaching both require engagement. Every teacher’s priority is making their classes more interesting and interactive to provide a better learning environment. 

No worries, In this blog, we will give you the complete and best information on how to make online class more interactive. Read this blog carefully.

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What is an interactive online class?

If we talk about an interactive online class so a lot of things come into that.

Interactive learning is an emerging form of Internet-based education in which the student participates in an online class. 

This form of learning includes digital elements such as chat rooms, message boards, and real-time videos. Students can use digital devices such as smartphones and tablets to complete their work.

This learning is a convenient way to meet the educational needs of today’s students. It allows them to learn wherever they have Internet access. This flexibility gives them all the advantages of online courses without having to miss out on important classwork.

9 Tips from experts on How to make online class more interactive

Here are some important and best tips about how to make online class more interactive.

Use both audio and video in your video lecture

When you are taking class use both audio and video in your lecture this will help you to make the class more interactive.

Because your students easily interact with you. Sometimes when you choose only audio for the lecture that time your students boring feel and not taking interest in your lecture.

It can be challenging for students to keep up with facts, numbers, and all the details that need to be comprehended.

Set Goals for your students

Set goals for your student to make your class interactive. When you set goals for students and tell them to achieve them they will work for them.

The goal should be shorter for students because when they achieve short goals it will help students and you. After all, they study with interest.

Another essential suggestion on “how to make the online class more interactive” is to set reasonable goals for your students.

Your students can remain motivated and interested by setting little goals. It is not a good idea to put too much pressure on students.

Talk To Your Students in the online class

It can be challenging to communicate with your students in online classes due to technological issues and privacy concerns.

Therefore, you should check that you regularly communicate with each student throughout online classes to learn about their concerns.

Be sure to be familiar with your student’s names. They’ll be more comfortable with you as a result, and they’ll be more receptive to your inquiries and suggestions.

Make it a point to empower them by courteously responding to their inquiries and questions. Your students ought to feel at ease asking you questions.

This is the third tip on How to make online class more interactive.

Always take your Online Class Shorter

Another important suggestion for “how to make online class more participatory” is to make the video lectures shorter.

Shorter videos can draw in more viewers. It enhances concentration and knowledge of the subject being taught.

Additionally, students choose brief video presentations. One video can be used to illustrate a single idea. As a result, students can readily review a particular subject if they need to.

Furthermore, it will be useful when you update the information in the video lecture because your course needs to be factually accurate and current.

Storytelling Teaching Method

When you are teaching a topic in an online class tell that topic in the form of a story. Because when you teach your topic in form of story students will concentrate in the online class.

Using storytelling as part of your teaching method is one of the most valuable ways to engage your online classes.

And Students learn easily from the storytelling method. It will help to improve the student-teacher relationship.

Use graphics in your video

You can use graphics, videos, audio descriptions,  pictures, and graphs to engage your online class more. 

The graphics will be helpful for visual learners, and the audio will be helpful for auditory learners. Long instructional texts are less entertaining and harder to understand than audio and visual lessons.

This is the first crucial piece of advice on improving interaction in online classes. This is the fifth tip on how to make online class more interactive.

Take Feedback from your students

It’s important to carefully review the feedback from your students. It can help you manage the demanding nature of your coursework.

Many students find it difficult to keep up in really difficult subjects. On the other hand, if the course is too simple, the student can become disinterested.

For your classes to be engaging for your pupils, you should make sure that the level of difficulty is just perfect.

Receiving feedback can also inspire you to create a new course or to add to a current one.

Implement the adjustments your kids recommend to keep them engaged and learning! Another of the most helpful suggestions for “how to make an online class more participatory” is this one.

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Use Quizzes To Make Your Online Classes Engaging

By integrating quizzes, you may increase the interactivity and engagement of your lectures for your students.

It will make it easier for students to recall what they have studied. Support them in getting more accurate responses in the upcoming lecture as well.

It will boost attendance at both the present and next talks. This is the eighth tip on how to make online class more interactive.

Make Your Students Accountable

The email notification function can be a benefit for increasing the interaction in your online course.

Create automated emails to be sent to students who haven’t logged in in more than three days but haven’t finished the assignments they were given.

Making your students responsible for their work will inspire participation in the classroom.

Final Words: How to make online class more interactive

In this blog, we have discussed how to make online class more interactive. We have discussed 9 tips on how you can make online class more interactive. I hope you like the details given by me in this blog. And if you liked this blog share this with your buddies. If you have any queries regarding this topic let us know in the comment section below.

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