Data Science vs Computer Science: Find Out the 10 Differences

Data science and computer science are two popular fields today. But many people seem to think both fields are the same. 

As a result, they keep on asking, “what is the difference between data science vs computer science?” If this is something you have been asking yourself, then this blog is for you. 

Here are the top 10 differences between data science vs computer science so that you can decide which field you should go for.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a form of science that focuses on extracting information from data. It’s a big term that encompasses many smaller fields like statistical analysis, coding, and even other areas of math. 

Data science is a term used to describe the use of scientific methods to extract insights from data. The process of data mining is used to gain valuable insights from different data sets. 

However, it is also used as a predictive tool to forecast outcomes. Data science is a broad field and can be applied to different industries such as biopharmaceuticals, IT, finance and others.

Moreover, it helps to make sense of it all in order to make better decisions for our businesses.

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Importance of Data Science

Here are some importance of data science:

  • Data science is the science of extracting value from data. 
  • It is not the process of manipulating data but the process of extracting information and knowledge from data that will be of value to your organization. 
  • It can be used to improve healthcare, ensure safety, enhance the performance of financial transactions, and improve customer service.
  • Data Science is the study of extracting knowledge, insights, and intelligence from raw data.
  • Data helps to make better decisions and improve products and services.

What is Computer Science? 

Computer Science (CS) is the study of computers and algorithms. This can be a broad topic that covers a lot of ground. 

As this is a science, computer scientists will often use scientific methods to find the answers they are looking for. 

However, computer science is more than just studying computers and programming. It’s a basic building block for many other fields, such as engineering, physics, business and accounting, communication, and education. 

Many people with computer science backgrounds are in high demand for jobs in engineering, writing, and design. With a computer science degree, a graduate will be able to pursue a wide variety of jobs that require a strong foundation in math, logic, writing, and thinking.

Importance of Computer Science

Here are some importance of computer science:

  • Computer science is a broad term used to describe the study of both computer hardware and software. 
  • It is important because it is the foundation for many other fields, such as software engineering, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.
  • It also provides a way to understand the world around us by using math and logic.
  • Computer science teaches you how computers work and how they are programmed.
  • It is a fundamental part of technology that can be found in many different aspects of our lives.

Data Science vs Computer Science: Major Differences

ParameterData ScienceComputer Science
BasicData mining, data analysis, and data manipulation are studied in data science. It is concerned with prediction, visualization, and simulation.Computer science students study computer design and Architecture. It contains both the software and hardware components of computers, machines, and electronic devices.
BenefitsReduced Data Redundancy Performance and speed
EducationIn data science requires additional education beyond a Bachelor’s degreeA Bachelor’s degree is almost always required to be a competitive candidate on the job market.
UsageAnalytics of big data, data engineering, machine learning, user behavior analysis, operational analytics, predictive analytics, customer analytics, fraud detection, and so on.Computers, software engineering, databases, networks, programming languages, security, informatics, bioinformatics, and algorithm design are some topics covered.
IndustryAfter completing this program, you will be able to work as a Data Scientist or Analyst.Basic Science for a Career in Computer Software
Job TitlesData Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Warehouse Engineers, and Business Analysts.Software Developer, System Developer,  Database Administrator, Hardware Engineer, and so on.
FieldA subfield of computer science that studies data through the use of various technologies and methods.The entire technical field that is a subset of Data Science is covered.
Real-time UsageLarge volumes of customer data must be maintained and handled.Utilization of cutting-edge and ultra-fast devices.
AcademicsA new and rapidly evolving branch of science and technology.It has existed for many years.
ApplicationsThis applies to businesses that must manage large amounts of sensitive data on a large scale.This rule is applicable to all technical industries and large corporations.

Data Science vs Computer Science: Key Similarities

  • Both necessitate knowledge of the business domain and its products.
  • Data and computer science require a working understanding of the company’s data.
  • Both roles typically necessitate proficiency with Git or GitHub.
  • Data science and computer science take a methodical approach to scientific processes.
  • Both are expected to be technological leaders.
  • Both are multifunctional.

Data Science vs Computer Science: Which is Better

There are many interesting and diverse careers that can be had in Computer Science. One of the most popular is becoming a Data Scientist. The difference between Data Science and Computer Science is that Computer Science deals more with the programming of computers. 

Data Science also deals with the understanding of how the data works and how it can be analyzed to produce new useful information. 

Both Data Science and Computer Science are exciting fields that offer many well-paying and creative jobs for individuals.

The best way to decide which is better for you is to look at your goals. If you want to make more money, you should go with data science. 

If you want to be able to dabble in many different subjects and roles within the field, go with computer science. Both fields are equally important, but you need to choose which one will give you the most freedom and flexibility.

Salary: Data Science vs Computer Science

According to pay scale, the average pay for a data scientist in the United States is $97,645.

The annual total pay for computer science in the United States is $1,999,795.

As you have already seen in the above graph, the salary for computer science and data science. So it is clear from these graphs that computer science is the winner.


We hope you enjoyed this blog about data science vs computer science. In this blog, we will explain the meaning of data and computer science as well as its key importance.

Finally, Computer Science and Data Science are two distinct fields that, when applied to the use of technologies, fall under the same umbrella. Computer Science teaches us how to use technologies to compute data, whereas Data Science teaches us how to operate on existing data to make it useful.

There are numerous opportunities in Computer Science vs Data Science, as well as several Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees at the academic level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is data science harder than computer science?

In comparison to computer science, data science is a far more in-demand and advanced field. As a result, entering the field of data science requires a little more effort than entering the field of computer science.

Can a data scientist be a computer scientist?

It is possible. A career as a data scientist necessitates advanced technical skills as well as knowledge of math, statistics, and computer science.

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