Uses of Matlab | Top 12 Beneficial Uses of Matlab

uses of matlab

Introduction  Before explaining the use of Matlab, we must know about it. The full form of Matlab is a matrix laboratory, and it started as a matrix programming language. Matlab is a special language designed for engineers and scientists. This is the 4th generation programming language. It was first discovered by Cleve Moler in 1984. … Read more

All Types of Matlab Function Creation With Examples

All Types of Matlab Function Creation With Examples

Matlab creation function plays an essential role in implementing where the Matlan file name and the function name should be the same. There are different kinds of function creations in Matlab that are used for different purposes. Programmers might get confused because of the availability of these functions, but this blog will help you to … Read more

Matlab vs Scilab: Which One is Best For Future


The statistics students are still confuse to choose the best one between MATLAB vs Scilab. Here in this blog, you will come to know which one is best for the future. Before we get into the detailed comparison let have a look on the overview of MATLAB and Scilab. The full form of Matlab is … Read more

MATLAB vs Mathematica: Which One is Better for Future?


Several students are not able to understand the difference between Matlab vs Mathematica as they always want to know which language can be a better option for their future career. Therefore, this blog will provide the deliberated details on these two coding languages that will clear all the doubts related to these languages.  What is … Read more

How to Use For Loop in MATLAB With Examples

for loop in MATLAB

Matlab has a number of functions that help the programmer to perform a certain task in an easier way. In this post, you will study a useful element of the Matlab programming i.e., For loop. It is a conditional iterative statement that is used in the coding language. For loop in Matlab, check the applied … Read more

MATLAB vs R: Which One You Should Choose and Why?


The majority of students are having unclear doubts between MATLAB vs R. The reason is both of these languages are quite similar to each other. Some of the common factors of these languages are math functions and statistics. In this blog we will show you the best comparison between MATLAB vs R. Let’s start- MATLAB … Read more