Why are Extracurricular Activities Important in School?

Why are Extracurricular Activities Important

Extra Curricular activities are necessary for the students, which give them a way to strengthen their skills which illuminate their future careers and life. These activities can also upgrade their social skills and get mixed up in new activities, and help them find their passion in life. Here the question arises: why are extracurricular activities … Read more

Key Reasons Is College Better than High School

Is College Better than High School

In this blog we are going to discuss, Is college better than high school. Some students think that school is better than high school and others think that college is better than high school. There are different perspectives and different thinking of students. Everyone has different thinking about this topic regarding better in college and … Read more

Best Places To Do Homework Near Me

Places to do homework near me

No one enjoys doing homework after school. Most students find homework a difficult task for them. Besides that, they also find homework a lazy task when it comes to lengthy and complex homework. In addition, you become lazy when you need to do homework after long study hours at your school. Sometimes students search for … Read more

Is Discrete Math Hard To Learn?

Is Discrete Math Hard For Me

Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, arrangement, structure, and arrangement. Maths is all around us, in everything we do in our life. Mathematics is the structure block for everything in our everyday lives, including software, computers,  mobile devices, sports, money, engineering, architecture, (ancient and modern), and even art. To find … Read more

Coding vs Programming: Key Differences You Need to Know


Programming and Coding- we hear these two words on a daily basis.  Most of you must be wondering if coding and programming are the same or if there is any difference between the two.  This blog will discuss the difference between coding vs programming and how they are related. The Difference Between Coding vs Programming … Read more