12 Best Ways To Learn Programming In 2023

Everyone knows the importance of programming in today’s modern and digital world. That’s why, by learning programming you can give yourself many career opportunities for a better future, the skills of programming are in demand presently and big tech giant companies offer a big amount of salary to the skilled programmers. But it is also very important to know the right path that you can follow in the field of programming.

Such as choosing the right programming language to learn, because after all the more deeply you understand the programming language the more quality programmer you will become. That’s why we are here today with this guide on the best ways to learn programming. In this guide we will discuss the 12 of the ways that you should know while learning how to programme. So that you can plan your learning roadmap and take the right decisions of developing the skills which is in-demand.

But before getting into that, we should know about what programming actually is? And what are the requirements that you should fulfill before you start learning programming so please read our blog for some valuable knowledge.

What is Programming

The process of providing the instruction in the form of a code to a computer to run or perform a certain task known as the programming. It is done in a set pattern and the language which you are using should be understood by the computer. In simple words, in programming you are giving commands to the computer to perform a task for you, the task can be an easy calculation or may be a complex operation.

You can communicate with the computer with help of certain set of rules and command of a programming language, it works like a connection bridge between the computer and human because we can’t use our native language like english to communicate with the computer, we have to take help of the programming language to make computer understand our commands. This is also the reason why humans developed programming languages so that we can create software, apps, websites and much more with the help of it.

And the interesting part is that you don’t need any specific educational background to learn programming, you can learn it from the basics and then develop your skills with time. Because every programming language has its own set of rules and structures, and you can master them only with practice and experimentation. But the first step for this journey is to learn the programming language, and that’s what we are going to educate you about. So please read our full guide on the best ways to learn programming.

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Why You Should Learn Programming

Here are some of the important reasons why you should learn programming and how it can be beneficial for your future.

1. Problem Solving Skills

You can develop the problem solving skills and can make it your second nature to provide the instant solutions for the complex problems, because in programming there are many situations when you have to find some innovative and instant solution of the complex programming problems. And these skills will help you in other sectors of your life as well.

2. Career Options

We know that the demand for skilled programmers is rising day by day. So you can enjoy the high number of job opportunities in various fields like web development, software development , AI etc. and all of these are very high paying jobs if you are skilled enough in your profession (programming).

3. Understanding Of Technology

In today’s world when everything is getting digital, it is very important to gain the knowledge of how things work. Not just for the career purpose but also for the basic knowledge of the technology that we are using in our daily life.

4. Flexibility In The Work

In the field of information and technology, you will surely enjoy the luxury of the flexibility in the job, which means you can work from the office or you can also work from home as you want. Many of the programming jobs can be done remotely.

5. Global Impact

The field of programming has a global impact because the development of various sectors all over the world is highly dependent on programming such as development of medical softwares, solving or analyzing environmental issues etc.

6. Personal Projects

By learning programming you can also give yourself the options of developing your personal projects according to your interest and hobbies such as creating a website according to your interest, or maybe making an application for your hobby for example a music application.

12 Best Ways To Learn Programming in 2023

Here is the list of the 12 best ways to learn programming in 2023 

1. Choose the Right Programming language

It is one of the most important ways to learn programming language, Before getting the deep knowledge of the field, it is very important to choose the programming language first, because every programming language has its own sets and using patterns and also every single one has its own functioning, so first you have to choose the programming language then you should start exploring it more. And after that if you want to explore the other languages as well then you can do it according to your interest and curiosity.

You have a variety of options from which you can choose your favorite such as: C++, Java, etc.

2. Online Courses And Tutorials 

Many online platforms provide the programming and coding courses facilities like Codecademy, coursera etc. You may think that online learning is not that effective but trust me, in today’s world online learning techniques have become very effective and easy to access. 

There was a time when tutorials and educational classes videos were not that effective for many students but now as online teaching becomes more famous, these platforms have discovered many techniques that make online teaching more useful. Hence online platforms are one of the best ways to learn programming.

3. Youtube 

It is one of the most important among the best ways to learn programming because youtube now has become the go-through medium for not only the entertainment field but also for the education fields, and that’s why channels like “Traversy Media” and “Net Ninja” are becoming very famous for the educational videos in the field of coding and programming. Because viewers find their tutorials very effective and helpful, so if you want to get educated in programming, you should consider the youtube platform for exploring the field more.

4. Bootcamps

Another option for you is that you can join the coding and programming bootcamps, because they provide you the intense level hand-on training in very less time period, you can attend them in-person and also online, for those who are looking for the short time and effective ways to dig deep into the field of programming, then this is the best option for you. Hence it is included in out list of the best ways to learn programming.

5. Read Books And E-Books

Well, reading books is the old school way of gaining deep knowledge, that’s why if you want to learn programming in depth then you should prefer reading nice programming books like “Clean Code” or “Code Complete”. And if you are that person who hasn’t read many books in their life, you can prefer e-books instead of hard copies of specific books. So that you can read these books on digital gadgets like computers and tablets,it will really help to keep you interested and focused. That is why it is one of the best ways to learn programming.

6. Online Forums And Communities 

You can join many forums like “Stackoverflow” and “GitHub” because it will help you to remain updated in the latest statistics and the changes in the technology. And you can also gain a lot of knowledge by the help of joining the communities, because there you can interact with the other programmers which may have more experience than you and can provide you a very useful knowledge. That’s why it also can be one of the most important way among the best ways to learn programming.

7. Online Specializations

Online platforms also provides the specialization courses, means if you want to join a full course of coding and programming you can join it online through various online portals and when that course completes then they certificates you with the specialization, it helps you in getting the job opportunities in the big companies, and we know that the programming jobs are really high paying, so it will eventually be a beneficial investment for you to join the online courses and specialization. 

8. Free-Code Camps

As cleared by its name, these camps provide free of cost coding and programming classes and they also provide you with the time saving tips and tricks for the various programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML etc. these camps are generally of short time period and can provide you valuable knowledge and experience which helps your projects and applications.

9. Personal Projects  

It is one of the most important ways to learn programming. Because the more you practice, the more you learn. So the more you perform your personal small or big projects, the more you explore your strengths and weaknesses. And by doing that you will have a better idea about the skills on which you have to work more hard. And also if you are working on your own projects there are chances that you may create something which will become remarkable in the future.

10. Involve In The Open-Source Projects

The biggest benefit of the involvement in an open-source project is that you can gain a-lot of knowledge and experience from the other programmers who are working in the field for a long time. You can ask them about their experiences and also about what you can do to make yourself better or maybe what you can avoid. They can be a mentor for you and also you will get the opportunity to develop something which can be remarkable.

11. Interactive Coding Challenges

You can also join the interactive coding and programming challenges. These challenges present you with some problems and by solving them you develop amazing problem solving skills in the field of programming. The range of variety in the problems is very high so that you can solve any kind of problem that you may face in your professional life as a programmer. Platforms like “LeetCode” and “HackerRank” provide you with some top-notch interactive coding challenges, which are really beneficial for you.

12. Podcasts And Webinars

Presently, podcasts and webinars are the latest platforms where you can gain a significant amount of knowledge and for that you don’t have to read lengthy books, you can do it with just playing the audio podcast and listen it whenever you get free time in the day, it is a futuristic and  easy to get educated way and that’s why it is in our list of the best ways to learn programming in 2023. 

Top Programming Languages That You Can Learn 

Choosing the programming language depends on your personal interest and also the fact that which one is more fascinating to you. Here is the list of the top programming languages that a lot of developers around the world prefer for development of their projects.


Python is known for its simplicity and versatility. It’s widely used in web development, data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, and more.


JavaScript is essential for web development, enabling dynamic and interactive web applications. It’s also used in server-side development (Node.js) and for building mobile apps (React Native).


Java remains a popular choice, especially for building Android apps, enterprise applications, and large-scale systems. It’s known for its platform independence.


C# is a Microsoft-developed language used for developing Windows applications, games (Unity game engine), and web applications (ASP.NET).


C++ is commonly used in game development, systems programming, and embedded systems due to its performance and low-level capabilities.


Ruby is known for its simplicity and readability, making it a great choice for web development (Ruby on Rails framework) and scripting tasks.


Swift is the primary language for iOS and macOS app development. If you’re interested in mobile app development for Apple devices, Swift is a must-learn.


Kotlin is an officially supported language for Android app development, and its concise syntax and modern features have made it increasingly popular.

Go (Golang)

Go is known for its efficiency and simplicity, making it suitable for building scalable and high-performance applications, particularly in cloud computing.


SQL (Structured Query Language) is essential for database management and data manipulation. It’s a must-know for data analysts and database administrators.


This was our full guide on the best ways to learn programming in 2023. In this blog we have provided you a deep analysis on the programming languages, we have also discussed why you should learn programming and what is the benefit of doing that not only in professional life but also in personal life. And most importantly it also provides the guide on the best ways by which you learn the programming language of your choice, these ways are really helpful and effective for many programmers and are included in the list only after the real life application.

You can also explore the different programming languages that we have discussed today for digging deep into the sea of programming and also exploring the possibilities in the world of programming. so get your journey started with the help of our guide on the best ways to learn programming.


Can I learn coding/programming by myself?

You can learn coding by yourself also but at some instants you will need an helping hand to solve your doubts and help you guiding in the complex programming

 Which is the most famous programming language?

There is a big debate on this topic but JavaScript is the programming language that is the most used and most famous programming language. 

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