How Long Does it Take To Learn Javascript?

How Long Does it Take To Learn Javascript

Javascript is the programming language that makes websites interactive. It’s everywhere — from the most popular open-source projects on GitHub to the front end of the websites you visit every day. The demand for Javascript developers is exploding.  In addition, javascript is a must-have web developer skill, along with HTML and CSS. It is also … Read more

Top 10 Uses of Python Programming | Applications of Python

Uses of Python

Python is a open-source, object-oriented and straightforward programming language. It is a dynamic type, high-level, and interpreted coding language, making it one of the easiest programming languages to learn. This is also used for error debugging and to encourage the rapid development of application prototypes and the use of it as a programming language. Moreover, … Read more

Java vs Javascript: Know the Key Differences 

Java vs Javascript

Many students are puzzled by the differences between Java Programming Language and Java Script. Although not a big problem, appears to be one too many of the students. As a result, the Java vs. Javascript debate has become critical. So, here is the major difference between Java vs JavaScript. Let’s get started on the key … Read more