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JMP is computer system software application developed in the 1980s. It is used in applications such as 6 Sigma, quality assurance and engineering, design of experiments and clinical research study. Our JMP assignment help experts provide JMP assignment help to students all over the world. They are available 24/7 to accept your request order & solve your queries related to assignments. They always ready to provide the JMP help any time. Our experts always give you a unique JMP assignment content within the deadline.

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What is JMP Software?

JMP (pronounced “jump”) is a data software for the window, & Mac operating system. It has a graphical user interface and compatible for window & Mac. It was developed by the JMP business unit of SAS Institute. JMP software was launched in 1989 to take advantage of the graphical user interface introduced by the Macintosh. JMP software is focused on exploratory data analysis and visualization. It is designed for users to investigate data to learn something unexpected, as opposed to confirming a hypothesis.

Why Use JMP Software?

  • JMP software analyse unstructured text with text mining techniques like cluster analysis and topic modeling etc.
  • JMP Software is used for experiments on designs.
  • It is used to import & export the data of SAS because it has the ability to interface with SAS. You can write & execute SAS code with this software.
  • JMP software can help you to add or remove additional statistics and graphs in the results window without having to re-run the procedure.
  • JMP is used to build & refine the graphs & tables with the help of Graph Builder and Tabulate tools. Graph builder builds the graphs & tabulate tools generate tables.

The file types which are associated with JMP

  • .jmp - A JMP data table.
  • .jsl - A JMP script file.
  • .jrn - A JMP report file.

Key Techniques of JMP Software

These techniques are accessible only in JMP software which helps in solving the statistical problems. If you need any of the below techniques, you will need to use JMP Pro.

  • Text analysis
  • Mixed models
  • Cross-validation
  • Neural network modeling
  • Generalized linear models
  • Classification and regression trees

The complex topics that covered by our JMP Assignment Help Experts


JMP Help

Data Tables


Control Charts

Formula Editor

Query Builder

Graph Builder

Generalized Regression

Data Import and Export


Data Acquisition

JMP explore data efficiently in many forms. It can easily read from Microsoft Excel, and pull data from ODBC-compliant databases using the interactive Query Builder.

Data Cleanup

Before analyzing the data, you should check to make sure data is clean that the values are reliable and encoded well.

Data Visualization

Explore your data dynamically. JMP allows to tell you the story of your data what is interesting.

Basic Data Analysis

Use histograms, box plots, regression, ANOVA, distribution fitting and other analysis tools to present data exploration.

Text Exploration

JMP text explorer allows to you extract words and organize words in the form of unstructured text data.

Group, Filter and Subset Data

Easy-to-define row markers, colors, and labels to identify graphical reports and data tables. Quickly arrange data to identify emerging patterns and focus on key findings.

Design of Experiments

JMP offers a rich set of analyses designer to your design in a form you can efficiently use. It based on the problem at hand, accounting for budget, timing and other checks.

Statistical Modelling

Statistical modeling platforms to help you build useful models of your data. If you want to learn about your business, competition, and customers, then you can use statistical modeling to understand trends & patterns.

What-if Analysis

Determine patterns of expected response and the influence of each factor on the response with scenario analysis.

Reliability Analysis

JMP helps you pinpoint defects in materials or processes. Gain awareness about product performance, and address design vulnerabilities.

Quality and Process Engineering

Use JMP to evaluate product defects & improve quality – minimize customer complaints and deliver products and services that exceed expectations.

Consumer and Market Research

Develop the best products and services, understand and familiarise to evolving markets using data mining, categorical analysis, choice experiments and other tools.

Sharing Results

JMP gives you the tools to share the meaning in graphs. Share your dynamic visualizations in a range of formats, whether your audience has JMP or not.

Automation and Scripting

Use save scripts to regenerate analysis reports without having to write any code automate processes, and add new JMP capabilities.

Making JMP Your Own

JMP allows you to control fonts, graphics options and modify every aspect of JMP settings within platforms.

Analytics Hub

Use the JMP interface to control other analytics tools, such as SAS®, MATLAB, and R.

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